it is not easy to work

6 august 2009
"The money points out beautifully and auspiciously, a lot of cadres are afraid ‘ put ‘ now. He thinks, is afraid there are more and more bad plays,
I’m afraid it is not easy to work, is afraid the audience is injured, this ‘ four fearness ‘ is surplus that the actor causes trouble, is afraid; He requires
Everybody ‘ put! Put! Put! Except that four fearness! ‘ he says, the bad play can be played the role of, everybody can study and launch putting down
Talk about, in this way it can become and improve the good subject matter that the masses distinguished the ability and level of understanding. He still emphasizes the opera
Cadre should study assiduously, improve thought level and professional skill, learn, distinguish fragrant flower, poisonous weeds and take maliciously
The grass is the ability of the useful flower.

"Liu ZhiMing maintains in the report that more extensive, deeper when excavating the range that the opera is traditional; In the opera
Outside,want folk art forms, acrobatics, puppet, figure for shadow-play,etc. respect it do it in this way.

"Zhou Yang has done analysis to domestic situation and change at present. Main fact of bureaucrat that he has exposed the opera in working
Justice , dogmatism and sectarianism, and has done sharp criticism. He proposes, Ministry of Culture prohibited in the past
There’s no harm in bringing and performing, ask the masses to express an opinion in 26 directories stopped. 

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