You say clearly

21 august 2009
The paintress finishes saying, bow the head bashfully. Ge will not build the scolding: "Grandson! " The paintress looks up rapidly, claim: "You say clearly, who you say! " The people in the whole restaurant turn over the head, several men have gathered, has shouted in the mouth: "Red sister, what happened? " Paintress mean Ge build: "He scolds me! " The collar that Ge does not build is seized for somebody, the paintress says: "Let it be, see on simple piece, I care with him, everybody know, he the picture illustration . " The restaurant sounds with a scene of surprise to sigh over sound with feeling.    
    Paintress push aside Ge build several hands of collar, say seriously: "Not argueing with you, but you must apologize. " Ge does not build and say: "I am sorry. " Then walked to the gate, came back again after taking several steps, asked: "Have talked about me to you simply in week? How did she say? "    
    The paintress says: "Good to your impression. " Ge does not build turning round to walk to the gate again, the paintress advices one sentence: "Will remember tomorrow! "    
    Ge has not built and has not gone home, he has gone to the snack street before the simple home in week, stand, after the two hour, see one figure flash, appear in darkness, flee to stand of kebob quickly. Ge does not build crying: "Shen XingHua! " The soul freezes the eldest brother, burst into! " Response,have one’s face covered with tears in a twinkling rampart in Ge.    
    Xing Shen flower support Ge build, enter into the underground hostel , Brazilian old man said proudly: "Of ours has specially few today, you offer the money of a bed, I still can give you the rooms of a four beds. " After entering the room, Shen XingHua embraces him tightly, says: "Eldest brother, Li the Long March has not been killed, he writes to me! " Very excited too that Ge does not build: "The long march? He is still alive. Show me the letter. "     

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